Written by: Dietitian Moushumi

If you are looking at starting your own Consulting business with nursing homes/group homes/assisted livings this is the perfect book for you, it has around 20 forms that can be reproduced starting from the sample contract to dietitian responsibilities, weight and intake form, tray line check list to supplements commonly used to many more that you will need

If migraine compromising your quality of life and you feel like nothing seems to work, then this book is for you. It has a great collection of meal/snack recipes that have each been tested and tried by me, list of supplements with information on a low solanine and tyramine diet.

Were you recently diagnosed with Diabetes or are you desperately trying to loose weight but are not able to, then this book is for you. All meals are under 50 g of carbs, nutrient analysis for each of these recipes is done, you’ll get various simple to make recipes that are delicious and I even have included healthy snack ideas under 15 g carbs and spices that will naturally help with weight loss and blood sugar.

This is a 112 page book which includes 2 weeks of menus, with portion sizes, recipes, grocery lists and all nutrient analysis done, perfect for group home settings or even for families who find it hard to meal plan and eat balanced meals

Meal planning is one of the biggest challenges I see most of my clients face today, this inspired me to write this 18 page Ebook with different meal plans and portion sizes included for each of the meals.

This is a compilation of my favorite recipes from salad dressings to deserts you will find it all in this 44 page Ebook, most of my recipes are simple, easy to make and healthy.

Did you know inflammation is the cause of many of our health problems. In this Ebook Dietitian Moushumi discusses food to be included and avoided along with tips and recipes to help with inflammation.

 If late night snack cravings are killing you then you don’t want to miss this book, Dietitian Moushumi has compiled some of her favorite healthy snack recipes in this 18 page book to help you with your cravings.

This is 2 week Summer/Spring E book, 101 pages long and made for group homes/assisted livings but can be used by families who find meal planning challenging. This book includes well balanced menus, portion sizes, recipes, grocery lists and nutrient analysis of each of the recipes.

“I am very excited for the launch of my book Curry with a Twist. If you are a curry lover you would definitely want a copy of this book! My intent on writing this piece is to give curry a healthy twist. In each of these recipes I have added a healthier swap while retaining the flavors so it appeals to all. Indian curry has often been called heavy, so this is my venture to make curry light and healthy with a western flair. Through the years of my practice I realized more and more the many benefits of using spices to not only add flavor but also nutrition to my dishes. In this book I have added some of my favorite recipes along with a write up on spices/seeds. This Ebook is 40 pages and includes all sorts of meals from starters to desserts.

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