Take a look at my specialized programs to help you reach your health goals…

Healthy Ever After Program: I am so excited you are considering this package! This package includes a total of 4 sessions, which will be done via telehealth visits. Read below to learn more about what these visits entail!

  1. First Session: One-hour introductory session where I will review the initial assessment form I sent you so that I have a complete idea of your history, labs, weights, eating habits, lifestyle etc. At the end of the session, we will come up with a couple goals and set an individualized plan to help reach them. I will have you fill out food/fluid records for me after this.
  2. Follow Up Sessions: These sessions are typically about 30-45 minutes long and we discuss progress made, any difficulties you may have encountered with the recommended plan, and come up with new goals where I will add/tweak the older plan to help make it easier for you to reach your goal.
  3. In between our sessions I typically check in with you once a week or you may ask/text questions you have. If you have any major concerns, we will of course address them during our sessions. My goal is to work with you and your lifestyle to help you reach your goals so there is no plan that is a cookie cutter. Every plan is individualized and made just for you. I will sign you in and send you my appointment slots once you sign into my program. I do accept venmo or PayPal for payment. This is a special package I am offering for $300 or $100/month. I do not accept insurance but will provide you with a bill that you can submit for reimbursement for HSA/FSA.

    * Please note that the price for this program and individual sessions are subject to change depending on the client. Please let me know if you have any questions. Moushumi Mukherjee, MS RDN

Mom & Me Program: Are you still looking for a present for your mom? Give her the gift of health. I am offering a special program this Mother’s Day where you and your mom can work together to achieve the best in health and fitness. This is a fun program where you will learn some of the basics of meal planning and some simple meal ideas help you make those lifelong changes. It is a 2 month program I’m offering for $250 for the both of you.

Lets Duo It Program: This is specifically for couples that are trying to get healthy together. It mimics my program Healthy Ever After, but the only difference is that both of you will work together! There will be some fun meal plans and recipes that both of you will do together. This is a 3 month program at a discounted price of $500 for both of you.

Individual Session: Not ready for a package? No problem! I can offer a one time, one hour long session to get you started on a healthy pathway. You will still fill out an initial form and we will come up with a plan for your lifestyle. This one time session is $100.

Accountability Program: As you may have noticed from working with me, accountability is key when it comes to reaching your health goals. With this program, you continue to stay accountable as you build your lifelong healthy habits. Therefore, upon many of my client’s request, I’m adding this program as an exclusive offer to my returning clients! This program consists of four 30 minute sessions in total, one per month. We will continue to meet virtually, but I will also be offering unlimited email/text support. My goal is to do the best for you guys and make an affordable program, so this is priced at $50/session, totaling to $200 for access to my help and guidance for another 4 months!

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