Q: What is the best diet (vegan, keto, paleo, etc.)

A: There is no “best” or “cookie cutter” diets. One size does NOT fit all. Diets are very individualized and are based on various parameters.

Q: Is sugar/salt the biggest problems in our diet? Should I avoid fruit because it has a lot of sugar?

A: Salt and sugar are known precursors to cardiovascular disease. It is important to monitor intake of these substances, but all foods can fit in a healthy diet. Fruit contains natural sugars which are healthy to consume. Do not fear fruit because of the sugar, our bodies need these sugars to survive.

Q: Is organic food more nutritious?

A: The term “organic” is not FDA regulated. This means that any company may use this term on their packaging. Keep this in mind when shopping. In terms of nutrients, organic and commercially grown foods have similar nutrients. The main reason to shop organic is to avoid pesticide treated products.

Q:Are fresh or frozen vegetables better?

A: The nutrient profile between fresh and frozen vegetables are fairly similar. If you have the means to buy fresh though, definitely do so. Frozen foods can lose trace amounts of nutrients through the freezing process.

Q: Can you recommend supplements to me?

A: Yes! As a Registered Dietitian I can definitely put together supplement protocol for you. RD’s cannot prescribe medications though.

Q: Will you make a meal plan for me?

A: I don’t make “cookie cutter” meal plans. However, I will teach you how to make your own meal plans as you work thorough my sessions.

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