About Me

Moushumi Mukherjee MS, RDN

My interest in foods for healing started rather young and I would have to credit that to my mom who was a wonderful cook and used food for comfort and healing. As young kids we saw very little use of medications in our house. Specially things like common cold/cuts and stomach issues were always treated with common household foods/spices and herbs. Turmeric milk was an everyday thing in our house during winter months.

When I came to this country at 24 years my biggest surprise was the portion sizes and use of fast foods. Many around me also seemed to use food for comfort and would enjoy munching on food all day not paying heed to hunger cues at all. This sparked my passion in food/health even more and I pursued my Masters in Human nutrition and became registered as a dietitian

This is what I have to offer to you

I will help you reach your optimum health and weight with food and lifestyle changes. Nothing gives me more comfort than seeing you succeed not only today but make lifetime changes with some simple goal setting and strategy planning for next steps.

We will discuss meal plans and recipes custom designed for you along with lifestyle sustainable recommendations. I also will recommend supplements if they are needed with your lifestyle.

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